Family Security Concepts

Family emergency preparedness
through education and training

a veteran owned company

Three Tiers of Training


Awareness skills, Self defense, Hand-to-hand combat, Weapons, Improvisation skills


Family protection, Preparedness, Emergency planning, Situation management, Crisis control


Neighborhood awareness, Community involvement, Engaging law enforcement

Three Arenas of Knowledge


Contacts, Safe havens, Alternate routes, Local laws


Travel safety, Navigational awareness, Regional laws


Embassy contact, National religions and customs, Map reading, Hot spots

Three Levels of Prevention


Instinctual development, Avoidance and exit strategies


Mental image rehearsal, Scenario training, Tools of survival


Escape and evasion, Diversion, Direct action

Where can FSC training help you?

  • in your Home
  • in your Vehicle
  • at School
  • at the Workplace
  • in your Church
  • in Public
  • Domestic Travel
  • Foreign Travel

Fully Customizable Training Programs

Jim Stanley
(978) 478-8210

Jim is a Christian, father of four girls and a veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry. He was a police officer in New Hampshire and has studied the Martial Arts since the 1980s.

Gary Phillips
Vice President
(978) 270-3882

Gary is a Christian, husband, father and martial artist. For 28 years he has trained in the martial arts of China and Japan. He is the head instructor at Bujinkan Toudai Dojo in Newburyport, MA. Gary has also had the good fortune to meet and train with many military and LE professionals to gain a base of tactical knowledge which he continues to pursue.

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